How do I test ads in a live environment on my device?

Here are the steps to check your ad in a live environment on your device:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi on your device
  2. On your web browser, search "What is my IP Address?" to find your personal IP address.  Set-up a Campaign on Go2mobi with a Whitelist of that IP Address. Here's a link to our article that goes through how to target a Go2mobi campaign to a specific IP address (or range).
  3. Set a Frequency Cap of 0
  4. Set a high Standard Bid CPM to win the auction (we recommend $20)
  5. Set your Daily Pace Target (UTC) to Wins and the Target Value to 199
  6. Set the Start Date and End Date for when you want to run your test
  7. Upload Creative(s)
  8. Use the Go2mobi Inventory tool to find which Apps or Sites have the most inventory for the creative sizes you've assigned to the campaign
    1. Select Location > Name
    2. Select Creative > Size
    3. Filter Creative Size for the creative sizes you’ve assigned
    4. Filter Location Country for the country your IP Address is in (usually the country you’re in, unless you’re using a proxy)
  9.  Change the Status to Active and click Save
  10. Wait 10 minutes
  11. Open the most popular Apps and Sites from the Inventory tool and look for the relevant ad slots. Refresh the Apps and Sites until your ad appears.
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