Third Party Audience Targeting - Taxonomy

Information on how to set up audience targeting can be found here.

Know which audience you want? Find the taxonomy for your audience here.   

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Through the Go2mobi self-serve DSP advertisers can target their campaigns at hundreds of audience lists segmented by: demographics, interests, intent, behaviours, and more!

This boost of highly granular audience targeting, combined with Go2mobi’s unprecedented reporting and optimization capabilities, has several benefits for programmatic advertisers using our platform:

  1. More Bang for Your Programmatic Buck: Audience data can help optimize campaigns and increase overall performance. Hit your KPIs quicker by only targeting top-performing audiences.

  2. Don’t Have Your Own Audience Lists? No Problem: Building mobile audience lists requires a ton of time, effort, and costs for gathering, storing, and maintaining audiences. Have instant access to these lists now.

  3. Target Beyond the Device: In leveraging Neustar’s third-party audience lists, you can confidently extend your targeting functionality beyond the device and context to include audiences that represent the users themselves. 
  4. Serve Bespoke Ads: Targeting third-party audience lists also gives you the ability to strategize around your ad units, for both the creative and messaging. As the relevancy and personalisation of ads is directly proportional to campaign performance, the ability to serve bespoke ads to each target audience is a powerful tool for maximizing campaigns.




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