Ad Approval Process

After you create a Go2mobi campaign, you will notice two approval statuses within the platform:  "Exchanges" and "Creatives".  

Exchanges is the approval of your offer/landing pages on the traffic sources you have selected.  Creatives is the approval of your ads.

When your campaign is incomplete, it will be in Draft state, which may show as either: 

In Draft state, your campaign will not be reviewed as it is an incomplete campaign.  Hover over either of the buttons and it will provide more information.

When your campaign is complete, you will see that both Exchanges and Creatives will show the Pending state until it has gone through review, as seen here: 


Once the compliance team has reviewed your campaign, each of these statuses will show as one of three options:

* Approved:  It has been approved on all of your selected exchanges.

* Limited: It has been approved on some of your selected exchanges.

* Rejected:  Your campaign and/or ads cannot be approved as they are.

If you hover over the status box, you can find more detailed information about the status of your campaign/ads.


Also note that once the compliance team has reviewed your campaign, you will receive an email with the approval or rejection status of your campaign.

If your campaign/ads have been rejected, you can find more information about the specific reason here:  Campaign Rejections and/or Creative Rejections.

We recommend you read through the Campaign & Creative Guidelines before you get started for the best chance of your ads being approved.  If you have any questions, email us!  We are happy to point you in the right direction.




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