Geo & Hyperlocal Targeting

Go2mobi's Geo-targeting allows your campaigns to target hyper-locally anywhere in the world. 

Targeting for the United States and Canada can be segmented into states/provinces and cities or you also have the option of using DMA or Postal/Zip Codes.

For other countries you are able to enter the specific coordinate you would like to target including the radius in km's around that coordinate you would like to target (minimum accepted radius is 0.1 km).  So you can be as broad or as local as you need. 

For example:  To target a specific neighbourhood, you would just enter the latitude, longitude, and the radius (in kilometers) of the area you would like to target in the following format:

  • lat,long,radius

You can enter as many sets of coordinates as you need.


For more information, check out the blog post




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