Conversion Tracking with Voluum

Want to pass conversions from Voluum to Go2mobi? Look no further!

  1. Log in to Voluum & Go2mobi
  2. Within Voluum, click the “Traffic Sources” tab, then the “+ New traffic source” button
  3. On the “New traffic source panel” on the right hand side of Voluum interface, click “Traffic source templates”
  4. Select Go2mobi from the “Predefined traffic sources” list, then click the “Load template” button once Go2mobi has been selected
  5. The “New traffic source” panel will now be populated with a default template for Go2mobi.
  6. Within the “New traffic source” panel, you will notice that the Postback URL field is populated with a default postback link. You will need to modify this postback URL to match your specific Go2mobi postback URL
  7. On the Go2mobi platform, click the “Account” tab at the top of the page
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Conversion Tracking”
  9. In the “Conversion Tracking” panel, you will notice a URL that starts with Highlight the string of numbers and letters immediately following apikey=, ending at &clickid. It should look something like this: H1dSMkSTAF13YSOrBCBfEqi1JrtuLhOLjGCvRax8JY187rmHy7k7hKjgzjJTHQ17Q This is your unique API key. Copy your API key to your clipboard.
  10. Go back to Voluum. Highlight “REPLACE” within your postback URL field, and paste your API key in its place.
  11. Click “Save”

You will now be tracking conversions on Go2mobi!



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