How to Scale a Test Campaign

If you've been using our testing tools, you might be wondering how you can get more volume. We've found a particular process that will increase your volume without killing your campaign. Follow these steps in order, with 2-4 only taking place on profitable campaigns:

  1. Increase daily budget & daily budget / placement. Once you have removed the obvious losers, increase your budget and daily budget / placement. This allows you to gather data faster without having to worry about wasting the budget on high volume placements that simply won't provide a positive ROI.
  2. Remove the session depth setting. Although session depth is a great testing tool, it's just that- a testing tool. This should be the first thing you change on your profitable campaign. You can either remove it entirely, or increase the range from 1-20, with the end goal of disabling this tool altogether.
  3. Increase the frequency cap. Assuming you've started with a frequency cap of 1, and you have already hit positive ROI, try stepping the cap up one digit at a time. Typically, we do not recommend going above a frequency cap of 3. In certain situations, you may find an increase in your total profit by going above 3, but verify that you are in fact increasing your total profit.
  4. Migrate away from the auto-bidder. At this point, you should consider utilizing our bid override feature (found in reporting). The data should be representative enough to start placing bid overrides if you haven't done so already. We strongly recommend using your eCPM as a benchmark for establishing profitable bids.


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