4 Steps to Set Up our Features

We strongly recommend all advertisers to use our testing tools. These are the ideal settings for launching a new campaign:

1. Frequency Cap: We recommend launching a campaign with a frequency cap of 1. This allows your budget to be spent on unique users, as opposed to spending your entire budget showing a subset of users the same ad over and over again. This wastes your budget and hurts your campaign performance. When scaling, we recommend setting a frequency cap no higher than 3.

2. Session Depth: This tool is unique to Go2mobi and can have a major impact on early campaign performance. We recommend using a min 1 and max 10. This limits your spend on less desirable impressions and can have a positive impact on CTRs. However, it can severely limit volume on a break-even or positive ROI campaign. As a result we recommend removing this feature first when scaling a campaign.

3. Auto-bidder:  The auto-bidder allows you to see a representative volume of traffic across all possible combinations of traffic. It aims to win around 40% of bids, meaning you will not overpay for lower-value impressions, and will see impressions from all placements, even those with a bid floor.

4. Daily budget / placement: This tool is absolutely essential when launching a new campaign. The daily budget / placement tool allows you to limit spend on placements, and cut clear losers early on in the campaign. A good starting point is roughly 2-3x your CPA payout.



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