Retargeting & Creating Retargeting Lists

Looking to upload an external list for retargeting? Find the how-to instructions here. 

Go2mobi's retargeting lists allows you to capture valuable data about users that interact with your ads. Once you have collected enough data, you can then target devices who have a history of interacting with ads for certain types of products or services. This can lead to a huge increase in CTR and conversion rate, as you are only targeting the devices that have historically clicked or converted on similar ads.

Retargeting lists work by collecting the device IDs of users who either a) click or b) convert on the ads being served by your campaigns. This is an absolutely essential feature for long term campaign performance, and we strongly recommend using this feature on every Go2mobi campaign.

In the video a sample 'clickers' list is built in which any device that clicks on one of your banners will be stored in the list. There is also the option to build 'converters' lists in which only devices that have converted on the offer will be stored in the list (Note: you will need to be passing conversions using your Go2mobi Postback in your tracking software to be able to build these lists).  

Best Practice:

We recommend setting up at least two retargeting lists for every offer vertical: a) Clickers and b) Converters. As well, it is essential that you find an effective way to separate different groups of users depending on the offers that you are running. Our experience has shown that the best method is to simply use the offer verticals to differentiate between retargeting lists. So, for a basic utility offer, you would have two retargeting lists:

  1. Utility Converters
  2. Utility Clickers

You can get more targeted if you desire, but we recommend this as a starting point.


Discrepancies between Retargeting Lists & Campaign Stats:

Mobile users have the ability to opt out of retargeting data collection. This means that while they may click/convert on your offers, their data will not be collected for addition to your retargeting lists. Our estimates show that roughly 20% of mobile users have "Do Not Track" enabled.

Mobile web users are not able to be tracked as no device ID information is available.  


To retarget device IDs of users that have clicked but not converted and vice versa:

  • Build a retargeting list of device IDs in your campaign with clickers, and whitelist this retargeting list
  • Build a retargeting list of converters, and blacklist this list
  • This way, by whitelisting clickers, but blacklisting converters, you can target users who have clicked but not converted
    • To retarget device IDs of users that have converted but not clicked, whitelist converters and blacklist clickers


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