Native Ads

Native Ads are ads that fit more seamlessly within a user’s native app experience. If you want to see a great example of native ads, check out your favourite social media or news app. Most likely, the ads you see when you scroll through your feed are native ads.

Native ads tend to have much better user engagement than typical mobile display banners, and so could help to supercharge your Go2mobi advertising campaigns.

To test native ads today, simply start a new campaign.  Ensure there is native traffic (creative size 0x0) available for your desired geo via the Inventory Tool. When asked what kind of creative you want to run, select "Native". You’ll be taken to our handy ad creator tab where you can enter the details of the offer you want to promote natively:

Title - max 25 characters  (Play Candy Crush!)
Description - max 100 characters (Play Candy Crush Saga and match your way through hundreds of levels in this divine puzzle adventure!)
Call to Action - max 15 characters ( Download Now)
Advertiser Name - the Advertiser/Brand (
The Icon/logo Image - size 128x128 (this should be the logo of the advertiser/brand)
The Main Image - size 1200x627 (this should be a relevant image)

Images can be static or animated.


When you finish your ad you can preview what it *might* look like. It’s important to note that with native campaigns, the publisher has the ultimate control over exactly how your ad looks so it will fit in perfectly with their app’s content; this is the whole point of native. It’s in your advantage to have your ad appear exactly how the publisher wants it to look. Don’t take my word for it, the increased engagement you see will tell the tale.

Please click here for more information on Native Ads on the Go2mobi Blog.  

Please note:  On the Inventory tool, the available Native Inventory shows up as the size "0x0".  

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