WiFi and Carrier Targeting [VIDEO]

Exciting news! 

Effective August 2nd, we have updated our carrier targeting to NetAcuity - the ad-tech industry leader for global geolocation solutions. This enhances reliability for carrier detection and city level targeting both domestically and internationally on Go2mobi’s self-serve DSP. Moving Go2mobi's carrier and geo-IP targeting to rely on NetAcuity data will enable you to more effectively target and reconcile campaigns that utilize this targeting within the broader programmatic ad-tech ecosystem.

How does this affect you? Read on...

Existing Campaigns:

All campaigns created before Aug 2, 2017 were configured with MaxMind data. These campaigns will continue to run until mid September when we will disable support for MaxMind data. You will need to update your campaigns to use NetAcuity data before then to continue receiving traffic.

How Do I Update My Campaigns?

Cloning! On existing campaigns using MaxMind data you'll see an alert box identifying that the data should be updated. Examples: 

To update, simply use the blue "Clone Campaign" button at the top of your campaign edit page, seen here: 

You will receive a prompt identifying what geolocation/carrier data will be cloned over, and what you will need to update. Example: 

On your new campaign, apply the changes needed, and upon hitting "save" your campaign will be accessing the updated NetAcuity data! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our helpful support team at support@go2mobi.com 


WiFi and Carrier Targeting Summary


Go2mobi's Carrier Targeting allows you to decide what specific cellular and/or wifi carriers you would like your campaign to target. 

This is also where you can decide to set your campaigns to be targeting exclusively wifi or cellular traffic. If you would like to target only cellular options: white-list all of the countries cellular carrier options. Conversely, if you would like to target wifi only: black-list all of the countries cellular carrier options (this is much faster than selecting and white-listing the many wifi options each country will have). 

Please contact support@go2mobi.com if you have any questions.

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