Google AdX Approval Process

The approval process for campaigns running on Google's AdX Exchange is a little different than for our other exchanges.

After you submit your campaign on our platform the creatives are sent directly to AdX. This means they are in the queue to be evaluated by a member of Google's support team and will remain pending until AdX has assessed them (this process can take several days).

Note: This means that even if we deem your creatives approvable, they can still be turned down by Google themselves.

If your campaign creatives are approved, the flow will be no different than other campaigns on Go2mobi. If your campaign is rejected, you will be notified. Google usually provides a generic reason for the rejection which we will pass along to you. We will not be able to provide you with as much detail as we can ordinarily do for our other exchanges though. Also, there are times that they do not provide a reason for rejection... In this case we really can't offer you any feedback.

Note: Google periodically does random checks of previously approved creatives. When this happens, you may notice that a previously approved creative(s) that you were running becomes disapproved.

If you have any questions on this approval process feel free to email

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