How to Optimize a Campaign [VIDEO]

You will want to optimize your campaigns for improved performance once the campaign has gained relevant data. We've included a general framework to help get you started!

1. It's best to optimize on banners first. Consider the creatives running for the campaign. Make sure to split-test different colors, fonts, images styles and ad copy to create a banner that performs well.

2. Next, you'll want to run a placement report and blacklist any placements that have spent over 4 times your payout with no conversions

3. Once you've collected few hundred impressions you need to perform placement optimizations on a carrier level (drill into carriers individually and run placement reports):

  • Blacklist any placements with over 150 clicks and no conversions.
  • Blacklist any placements that have spent 4 times the payout with no conversions.
  • If you find a placement that is extremely profitable you can increase the bid for this specific placement by using the bid override feature.

TIP: If you can’t find any pockets of traffic from the reporting tab, you may want to export all the data into a CSV file and run a pivot table, sort by profit, and see if there are any hidden combinations of variables that show potential.

4. Remember to optimize the campaign over multiple days, repeating Step one.This ensures that you keep any poor performing placements, carriers and/or devices in check as they gather data.

TIP: Once the campaign is profitable you should update the advanced settings to increase volume. (Frequency cap, session depth & daily budget per placement). 

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