What is the CPM bid vs the CPM price?

Go2mobi is a second price auction, so when you win an auction, you only pay the amount of the second highest bid plus one cent.

For example:  If you are bidding $10 CPM and the second highest bid is $0.75, you win the auction and pay only $0.76.

Please note that RTB media buying is different from buying through static networks. Because you have access to many different kinds of ad inventory layered with combinations of parameters that make the inventory more or less valuable to your campaign, the bid prices to win impressions will vary greatly. Unless you know exactly what inventory/parameter combination you would like to buy, we do not recommend setting a static bid. Instead - we suggest you try our Auto Bidder.

The Auto Bidder dynamically adjusts bids to ensure traffic from each site and combination of parameters you target (for example, Site — Carrier — Placement — Creative combinations, and so on). Go2mobi’s auto bidder aims to bid enough to win 40% of auctions it enters. Using the auto-bidder will not restrict your campaign's traffic around a static bid CPM. It allows you to win impressions across traffic that is priced at many different levels; thus giving your campaign the best chance to find the profitable pockets. 





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