Destination URL & Click Macros

Enter the destination URL of the campaign you are promoting. You can append your destination URL with tokens (also known as a URL variable or click macro). Go2mobi substitutes URL variables below with values tied to the user that has clicked on your ad. Insert the URL variables below into your campaign URL to pass information about a clicking user back to your tracking system.

{clickid}: Go2mobi unique click id {exc}: Exchange
{campaign}: Go2mobi campaign id {country}: Carrier country of user
{pln}: Exchange placement name {region}: Carrier region of user
{plid}: Exchange placement id {city}: Carrier city of user
{crid}: Go2mobi creative id {agent}: Device user agent
{imp}: Impression dimensions (width x height) {ua_hash}: Device user agent SHA1 hash
{cc}: Exchange country code of user {device_vendor}: Device make
{referrer}: HTTP referrer URL (if applicable) {device_model}: Device model
{referrer_domain}: HTTP referrer domain (if applicable) {os}: Device operating system
{isp}: Carrier name of user {os_version}: Device operating system version

{ip}: IP address of user

{xip}: Proxied IP address of user

{uid}: User identifier (AndroidID, Google AID, or IDFA) - Includes TYPE Prefix

{uid_deviceid}: User identifier (AndroidID, Google AID, or IDFA) - DOES NOT INCLUDE TYPE Prefix

{uid_type}: User identifier TYPE Prefix

{year}: Device year of release

{lat}: GPS Coordinates - Latitude

{lon}: GPS Coordinates - Longitude



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