8 Steps to Set Up Your First Campaign

Wondering how to launch your first campaign? Look no further!

1. Upon logging in, click the "New" Campaign button. 

2. Name your campaign. Click Here for more information about campaign naming conventions.

3. Select your target country.

4. Enter your destination URL. 

5. Enable the Auto-Bidder feature, or set your bid. 

6. Enter the daily budget of the campaign (minimum $20). 

7. Leave it at "paused" status or set to "active" if you want it to start spending immediately after approval.  Save the campaign. 

8. At the bottom of the campaign edit page, upload creatives: Image or Native. Click Here for more information about creative sizes. Click here if you want to apply for ad tag permissions. 


Boom! Your campaign will automatically be sent to the approvals team for review.  If set to "active" and your account is funded, it will immediately start spending upon approval.  If you want to change other settings before setting your campaign live, leave it as "paused".  


Helpful Links:

Inventory: Your Campaign Planning Tool

Conversion Tracking

Ad Policies + Compliance Information

Methods of Payment



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