How to Set Up Conversion Tracking

When a consumer clicks on an advertisement, Go2mobi generates a unique {clickid} value. This value can be passed through to the destination landing page using a URL variable. Each advertiser's system handles passing variables differently, so you will need to ask the tech team responsible for the landing page about what "variable name" you need to use in order to pass the {subid} value (it is often something like subid= or clickid=).

When a conversion event occurs (like an app install or a form submission), advertisers can send an HTTP request (a "postback"- a newer, more reliable version of a conversion pixel) to the URL directly below to register that conversion with Go2mobi.  The major benefit is that this allows advertisers to use Go2mobi's industry-leading optimization platform to pin-point exactly which pockets of traffic they are buying that are performing the best and then take action to buy more of it and conversely stop buying any poor performing traffic!

Here is a sample postback to illustrate how the process works. Please note that to pull your actual link you will need to click on the "Conversion Tracking" link next to destination URL field within any campaign page, or from the bottom of your Account tab.{clickid}&payout={payout}

Before posting back, the advertiser's system will need to substitute {clickid} in the postback URL above with the actual clickid value that was passed in the landing page URL and {payout} with the monetary value of the conversion in USD (i.e 1.50 for a $1.50 USD conversion value). This field is optional but highly recommended for full optimization power.


Suppose the advertiser landing page URL is:

Suppose the advertiser uses the variable name subid1 for passing {clickid} information. In the Destination URL field when setting up a campaign in Go2mobi's interface, you would enter:{clickid}

Then, when a consumer clicks the advertisement, a unique value is created and they would be redirected to:

As you can see, the {clickid} was replaced with the actual alphanumeric clickid value.

Then, if that click turns into a conversion, the advertiser can send an HTTP request (postback) to Go2mobi's server to register the conversion.  The postback URL should look like this:

Note about payout: notice that in the example above the 1.50 is sent in the variable name called payout.  Each advertiser will need to check with their tech team to ask what variable name they should use.

Variable Reference:

{clickid}: This is a unique alphanumeric variable that Go2mobi creates whenever a consumer clicks through any Go2mobi ad.

{payout}: This is an optional but highly recommended variable that allows advertisers to postback the monetary value of a conversion event to Go2mobi.  This significantly increases the power of Go2mobi's industry-leading optimization platform by allowing advertisers to see exactly what pockets of traffic are providing the best performance.

Note: if you are having trouble with postbacks, PLEASE check with the advertiser's tech team first as 99% of questions can only be answered by someone on the advertiser side.  Please contact Go2mobi support if you are still having trouble or can't get in touch with the advertisers side.

Tracking Multiple Conversions: 

To track multiple conversions, see this article



conversion track setup 

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