*New Feature* Domain Targeting

Our new Domain Targeting feature now allows you to target specific domains or sub-domains right in the Go2mobi platform.  

Want to target cnn.com?  Simply enter “cnn.com” and Add.  No more jumping between the Inventory Tool and your campaign edit page - we’ve made it simple.

If you want to target the full domain including all sub-domains, you just need to input the root domain (i.e. go2mobi.com).

If you want to target only a specific sub-domain, only enter that specific sub-domain (i.e. sub.go2mobi.com).

You can target multiple domains and sub-domains simultaneously. Once you have added a list in this section, your campaign will exclusively receive traffic from those sources.

This feature is fully API enabled offering a public informational endpoint

Please note that reporting will be at the campaign-level, not at the domain-level, and at this moment you can only whitelist domains.

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