Retargeting: Uploading Your Own List

Go2mobi supports the upload of Device ID lists into the DSP for the purposes of setting up and running retargeting campaigns.  

Go2mobi supports two types of retargeting lists:

1) lists created from your on-platform campaigns (more information here)

2) lists you import from other sources


To import a retargeting list:

1. First you must create your list:


2. Name your list: 


  3. After saving, you can then import device IDs to that list. Find your list, select "import", choose your CSV or TXT file. *Important:  file must meet all requirements outlined here:


4. Check status of upload:


5. Press "OK" and your list is now built!  Going forward you can now add this whitelist into your campaigns for retargeting.  Do this in the "Target Retargeting Lists" section of the campaign edit page:


Need help troubleshooting? Info here.

For further information reach out to



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