My campaign is overspending its budget?

In very occasional circumstances, a campaign can overspend its allocated budget.  This is likely a case of a very small campaign budget, or campaign targeting that exposes it to a large amount of inventory (like open-targeting the USA).

This occurs due to the slight delay in the feedback of win notifications.  Although the DSP updates very frequently, the fact that there are 1,000,000 bids per second means that for a short amount of time the bidder does not know how much budget has been spent and how much remains, causing it to continue spending.  

In general, the Go2mobi DSP is skilled at preventing overspend from happening.  It is only in a situation where the campaign targeting is dramatically out of scale that overspend occurs. There are some situations that will almost always lead to a campaign overspending: 

  • Establishing a very low budget. 
  • Targeting an entire country with huge traffic volume like the USA. 
  • Not using our campaign testing features.

To prevent overspend, here are some easy actions you can take:

  • Narrow your targeting using whitelists or blacklists.  
  • Use targeting options like state/city level, device targeting, carrier targeting, exchange targeting, etc.
  • Use our campaign testing features, like daily budget/placement and frequency caps. 
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