Third Party Creatives - Ad Tags


We support ad tags and video creatives including VAST, MRAID, HTML, and JS. However, we reserve the use of ad tags for campaigns that meet certain requirements.

Go2mobi Ad tag procedure: 

1 - Create your Go2mobi Account 

2 - Submit the Ad Tag Approval Form 

3 - Once approved, you will be required to make a prepayment of $500 USD.

Note:  Ad tags are approved on a limited scale to start.


The minimum prepayment to host ad tags is $500 USD.

Scrutiny and careful attention to detail is required at your end when running ad tags. Please ensure that you dedicate careful attention to your ad tags to ensure they comply with all ad policies, and that they render correctly. Breaking policy could result in account blocks and/or confiscation of funds. 


Go2mobi Ad Tag Compliance Information:
- all ads must not lead directly or indirectly to malware, phishing links, viruses, spyware, or auto-downloaded software or code
- all ads must not automatically redirect to any website
- all ads must not degrade the performance of a publisher’s website, due to any reason including ad file size
- all ads must adhere to the Go2mobi ad policies



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